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Welcome to Apalachicola Bay

The coastal communities of Apalachicola, St. George Island and Eastpoint, the heart of the Forgotten Coast, offer an authentic taste of Florida's Gulf Coast. Experience historic Apalachicola, a quaint small southern town with a strong maritime culture, an eclectic group of locally owned shops and galleries, restaurants which serve fresh local seafood, and meticulously restored B & B’s and hotels. You’ll also find miles of uncrowded pristine beaches, an endless supply of shallow bays and waterways, excellent fishing and acres of National and State forests to explore. Combine all this with some of the finest oysters and seafood in the country and your stay with us is sure to be perfect! Maps

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Thoughts on the Water Issues by Dale Simms

CleanFish Blog by Dale Sims

Thoughts from Chief Fishmonger, Dale Sims

"The fish will wait for no one - judge, farmer or fisherman."   -  Glen Spain, Regional Director of the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations

"As soon as this rainy season and the little bit of water we're getting from it, as soon as it's over, we are out of luck. We can't survive, and the oysters can't survive." - Shannon Hartsfield. President, Franklin County (FL) Seafood Workers Association

I am both angry and sad. Some people have their head in the sand. Some people have their head where the sun doesn't shine. We must realize that freshwater is a precious resource. If we can't find a way to better manage our water, we can hang it up. The idea of sustainability will be dead, and us along with it.

Flowing for almost 165 miles in northwestern California, the Trinity River is the longest tributary of the Klamath River.  In 1981, Congress designated all of the river below the Lewiston Dam to where it joins the Klamath, 40 miles from the Pacific Ocean, as the Trinity Wild and Scenic River. In 2002, there was a huge die-off of adult Chinook salmon returning to the Klamath anf Trinity rivers to spawn. The water level was too low and the temperature too high. Every year, we divert water from the Trinity. Instead of letting it flow into the Klamath, much of the water is diverted to California's Central Valley, providing much needed water for crops, including cotton, almonds , apricots, tomatoes, corn and alfalfa.

On Tuesday (8/13), federal district court Judge Lawrence O'Neill issued a restraining order blocking release of water into the Trinity. Right now, flows from the Lewiston Dam into the Trinity have been cut by about 35%. The Chinook salmon runs on the Klamath and Trinity usually begin a week or two before Labor Day and peak in the first week of September. All indications are, there's a lot of salmon and there will be a strong run. A hearing is scheduled on Wednesday (8/21) to decide if the restraining order will be permanent. Without enough water, there's a huge chance history will repeat itself. We could see another huge die-off of migrating Chinooks. Water districts in the Central Valley - Westlands Water District, and the San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority filed the suit against the Bureau of Reclamation  which had proposed releasing the additional water, specifically to prevent a fish kill.

Fish biologists aren't too worried about any temporary delays. But, if the judge blocks releases any longer than next week, it could create serious problems for salmon in the Klamath and the Trinity.

Georgia, Florida and Alabama have been haggling over water for morre than 20 years. On Tuesday (8/13), Florida Governor Rick Scott announced plas to sue Georgia in the U.S. Supreme Court for siphoning off too much water from the Apalahicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River System triggering a massive loss of oysters, fish and wetlands. If we want Apalachicola oysters, if we want the Florida Panahandle to produce large shrimp, blue crab, adult snapper, redfish and other species, we need a place for little shrimp and juvenile fish to grow. If we don't take care of Apalachicola Bay, we will do immeasurable harm to the entire marine ecosystem of the northeast Gulf of Mexico.

Columbus, GA and Phoenix City, AL draw water from the ACF River System. So do south Georgia farmers. But the single largest user is metro Atlanta. The Chattahoochee feeds water into Lake Lanier, a man-made reservoir in the foothills of Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains. Metro Atlanta draws its water from Lake Lanier, to the tune of 360 million gallons a day.That could double within the next twenty years.

The total value of Apalachicola's seafood industry is $134MM, with an additional $71MM of indirect, ancillary economic contribution. They don't dredge for oysters in Apalachicola. Oystermen in small boats use long-handled tongs to rake oysters from the bottom. Oysters depend on freshwater to bring vital nutrients like nitrogen and phosporous and to flush the bay,  keeping the salinity in check to protect them from disease and predation. Their main predator is the oyster drill, a small snail. Oyster drills, not unexpectedly, live on oyster beds. They also prefer saltier water. Oyster drills have a special body part called a radula. Radulas are muscles with teeth. They function like a chain saw, literally drilling thru the shell to get to the oyster. This process takes six - eight hours. Without sufficient drainage from the ACF River System, Apalachicola Bay cannot survive as a productive home for oysters or nursey for juvenile fish and shrimp.

Two things need to happen. Congress can require the Corps of Engineers to release enough water from Lake Lanier (the Corps built it) to maintain the health of Apalachicola Bay. At the same time, we need to make the citizens of Georgia aware of the necessity to make better choices about their water usage. One place to start is by following the lesson of Euardo Garana, the director of the water department in Corpus Christi, TX. The city relies on the Nueces River for water. So do Corpus Christi Bay and Nueces Bay. - the most important body of water in the Texas Coastal Bend between Houston and Brownsville. As a result of urban development, agriculture and erosion, the bay has experienced significant loss of wetlands habitat, prime nursery grounds for shrimp, juvenile redfish and speckled trout. Construction of two major reservoirs upstream shut off the flow freshwater into Nueces Bay, threatening to suffocate the delta. Now, we have a pretzel situation. The upper bay has a higher salinity than the lower bay. Sometimes, it's even saltier than the Gulf of Mexico. Garana uses himself as an example: "Look at me. I'm a water guy. I'm an engineer. I know all about drinking water. When you realize what it takes to make drinking water, you start yo see the biology involved and the big picture. . . . I used to clean my driveway by watering it with a hose once a week. Now I do it maybe once every six months."

Years ago, a young man, worked in my fish market in the afternoons after school and weekends. One day he asked me how he was doing. Having observed him for several months, I replied that I could recommend him by saying, 'He always left for lunch on time."  What will we say to our grandchildren?

  • Yes, we wiped out wild salmon in northern California, but my almond trees sure look nice.
  • Yes, we mangled the Trinity and Klamath Rivers ecosystems, but we made a fortune exporting cotton.
  • We may have ruined Apalachicola Bay but I washed my car every week.
  • The oysters may be gone, but my driveway's clean.

Come on folks. We can do better than this. If we cannot manage our water resources sustainably, we will never have sustainable seafood. You can't have one without the other.

Coombs House Inn for being selected one of Conde Nast Johansen’s Recommended Hotels, Inns Resorts, spas and Villas of the Americas, Caribbean and Pacific.


Congratulations Lynn Wilson Spohrer, owner of the Coombs House Inn for being selected one of Conde Nast Johansen’s Recommended Hotels, Inns Resorts, spas and Villas of the Americas, Caribbean and Pacific. A Conde Nast staffer visited the inn on Tuesday, May 7th.  She professionally scrutinized all aspects of the inn including rooms, bedding, towels, staff, food, and grounds. The Coombs House Inn passed with flying colors. The 2013 edition of the guide features only two inns in the state of Florida, one on South Beach in Miami’s Art Deco District and the other on Amelia Island. The Coombs House joins an elite list of hotels, inns and resorts throughout the world recognized as superb lodging Since 1982, Conde Nast has published prestigious guides for the Americas and Europe.


Apalachicola Readys for Garden Lovers, Historic Home Tour and Plein air Artists

Apalachicola will host the 21st  Historic Apalachicola Home & Garden Tour, 7th annual Forgotten Coast Plein Air Invititational, plus the Spring Ghost Walk at the historic Chestnut Cemetary and the final Ilse Newell Concert Series performance.

Public Places and Private Spaces: A Garden Symposium
May 3, 2013 
This all day symposium includes a panel discussion on historical, botanical and community gardens and the "Garden to Table" movement.  Featured speakers are:  Audrey Post, master gardener and author of the famous column "Ms-Grow-It-All"; Dean Stoddart, a landscape architect and master gardener;  Mike Herrin, Director of Goodwood Museum and Gardens who has won awards for Historic Landscape/Archeology and Sandra-Murphy Pak who is an artist that specializes in community art and garden projects Golf cart guided tours will include public and private gardens.  There you will see examples of those different types of gardens, discussed by the panel of speakers. The $75 fee also includes the Thursday night Preservation Cocktail Party, as well as a light breakfast and lunch the day of the symposium.  Contact Trinity Episcopal Church at (850) 653-9550 or visit the tour website at
Historic Apalachicola Home & Garden Tour May 4, 2013 
This year’s theme, “At Home in Apalach” runs the gamut from spacious and graceful century-old houses and charming bungalows to contemporary ones with new energy sources. Visitors are invited to sample an array of houses that we call home in Apalach. The featured house for the 2013 tour is the home of Ed and Candace Springer. Built by Dave Maddox for Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Flowers, it celebrates its 100th birthday this year. Constructed of heart pine, situated behind a white picket fence and shaded by towering Magnolia trees, it portrays a gracious vision of life in Apalach in the past century. An example of Gulf Coast Two Story - Greek Revival architecture, the large central halls on each floor are flanked by equal-sized, spacious rooms.
Evensong service at Trinity Episcopal Church on Friday, May 3, 5:30 p.m., provides the traditional opening for the home tour. It will be followed by a reception open to all, and a free lecture, “Gardening in Apalach” at 6:30 p.m., which will round out the day’s events.

Homes will be open on Saturday, May 4, only, from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Pre-sale tickets will be available at $20 until the day of the event. On May 4, ticket sales will begin at 9:30 a.m. at $25 per ticket. Lunch will be served from 11:00 am - 2:00 p.m. in Trinity’s parish hall at a cost of $10. In addition, a sealed bid auction, 10:00 a.m.– 3:00 p.m., will be a part of the tour day’s festivities. Guests to Apalachicola can enhance their weekend experience by allowing time to visit the many historical buildings and churches, museums, inns and parks that mark this historic town as a truly unique place. We welcome you to join us for the weekend. And we hope that you will find yourself at home in Apalach, too. For more information or ticket sales please contact Trinity Episcopal Church at (850) 653-9550 or the Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce at (850) 653-9419. Please visit the tour website at


Spring Ghost Walk
May 4, 2013 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM  The Apalachicola Historical Society will host the Chestnut Street Cemetery Ghost walk. Ancestors of local folks come alive on this special weekend to tell the tales of their fascinating lives.  Admission $5.00 at the door.  All proceeds are for cemetery preservation efforts. 


Forgotten Coat Plein Air Paint Out

May 2, 2013 to May 12, 2013  
More than 20 nationally acclaimed artists will gather on Florida's Forgotten Coast in early May to participate in the 7th annual Florida's Forgotten Coast Plein Air Invitational, America's Great Paint-Out, May 2-12, 2013. Painters will set up their easels and pull out their brushes to document the landscape and culture of authentic "Old Florida" – the coastal stretch of scenic North Florida between Mexico Beach and Alligator Point. "Plein Air", a French word, simply translated means "open air". The roots of plein air painting are found in 19th-century Europe. An Englishman, John Constable, believed that artists should forget "formulas" and trust their own vision in finding truth in nature.  

The event included 5 exhibits across the coast, daily artist demonstrations, 2 workshops, art sales and a series of public receptions. Art enthusiasts visited the exhibits and attend the many free special events that occur throughout the 10 day event.

Ilse Newell Concert Series-Concert in the Park
May 5, 2013 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (ET)
Lafayette Park This year the concert in the park will feature the Franklin School Band under the direction of Karl Lester. Last year the band was awarded Superior at FSU Band Camp for which Ilse Newell contibuted scholarship funds. Be sure to bring a comfortable lawn chair with you, along with bug spray and other items to make the afternoon most enjoyable-a climax to another outstanding season!          

Apalachicola Welcomes Artist and Spring

Apalachicola welcomes spring this weekend with Artwalk, a Wine tasting, and great live music on Saturday March 23rd from 11:00 am-8:00pm and the St Vincent National Wildlife Open House Tour Friday March 22, from 9:00 am-3:00 pm

Apalachicola ArtWalk

Fine art in all forms will be woven in and around picturesque downtown Apalachicola where over 70 artists will be showing, selling and demonstrating their talents from 11:00-6:00 pm in the courtyards and sidwalks of Apalachicola.

Festivities continue into the afternoon with a progressive wine tasting and hors d’ oeuvre from 3:00-5:00 pm at area restaurants. Later in the evening local chefs will prepare special dishes at their restaurants highlighting our fresh local ingredients.

At 8:00 pm the Dixie Theatre presents The Dixie Does Nashville. Pat Higdon brings some of the finest and most talented writers working in Nashville to the Dixie to perform the hits they wrote for music legends like George Strait, The Dixie Chicks, Kenny Rogers, Rascal Flats, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, to name a few...don't miss the extraordinary, magical evening that is sure to be in store for those lucky enough to attend this year's version. For more information call (850) 653-9419, email

St Vincent Island National Wildlife Refuge Open House

Friday, March 22, from 9:00-3:00 pm  St Vincent Island National Wildlife Refuge holds its spring Open House.  There will be guided tours of the refuge, wildlife exhibits, presentations on photography, birding, and the history of the island, music, art and food.  Free transportation is available at the Indian Pass Boat Ramp starting at 9:00am. First come first serve. 



Sunday, March 24  
The Isle Newell Concert Series presents the Bay Area Choral Society with conductor William Crane  at 4:00pm at Trinity Church on 6th Street and Avenue D.  

Oyster Cook Off, Anchors & Ballet

Third Annual Oyster Cook-Off is this Saturday in Apalachicola, plus Pas de Vie Ballet Will be performing at the Dixie Theatre this weekend, Also, archaeologists Barbara Hines and Franklin Price will present a workshop on anchors with a presentation at 10:00 a.m. about identifying the parts of an anchor and what those parts can tell us about their history. 

Oyster Cook Off

The Third Annual Oyster Cook-Off is this Saturday, January 19. The Friday evening event will be a preview of the oyster-related silent auction items, along with a sampling of the Apalachicola Bay's tasty bivalves. The actual cook-off is on Saturday will start at noon. Contestants are encouraged to enter with their favorite recipe or just come to eat your fill. All forms of oysters will be available to taste: raw, steamed, fried. Other food items and refreshments will be available for purchase. The day's activities will include live music and dance performances. Check out


Pas de Vie Ballet Will be performing at the Dixie Theatre this weekend, January 18-21. Tallahassee's premiere ballet company returns to the Dixie after a fabulous standing ovation performance in 2011, it will take your breath away. (850) 653-3200

For the History Buff

Ever noticed how many old anchors are lying around in Apalachicola? Ever wonder about their history? Join us for a day all about anchors! Archaeologists Barbara Hines and Franklin Price will start the day with a presentation at 10:00 a.m. about identifying the parts of an anchor and what those parts can tell us about their history. This session is open to everyone. Then, in the afternoon, help us record the anchors around town so that they can be entered in the world-wide Big Anchor Project Database. The fieldwork component begins at 1 p.m. and requires registration (850) 653-2500.

News Year's Celebrations in Apalachicola and St George Island

Ring in 2013 in Apalachicola - St George Island, Florida.  

Start the New Year out right! Ring in 2013, in Apalachicola - St George Island, Florida.  Celebrate at one of our many great restaurants.  Special celebrations will be happening at: Tamara's Tapas Bar,  Owl Tap Room, the Gibson Inn, the Spoonbill, the Crooked River Grill, Eddie Teachs, Harry A's, or the Thirsty Goat.

New Year's Day the high is predicted to be 68 degrees.  Ideal for strolling the beach searching for shells or slurping down a dozen oysters. Up the Creek Raw Bar, Boss Oyster, Caroline's, Eddie Teachs, Blue Parrot,  the Beach Pit, Tamara's Tapas Bar, the Owl Cafe and the Tap Room will be open New Year's Day (call restaurant for hours). Have a Happy and peaceful New Year.

Forgotten Coast Labor Day Weekend

It's Labor Day Weekend on the Forgotten Coast and the forecast looks great, 30% chance of rain Saturday & Sunday  = 0 in these parts.  The beaches are all open and ready for bathing and shelling. Tropical Storm Isaac has stirred the up the bait in the Gulf and fishing should be outstanding.  Plus scalloping is still open in St Joe Bay and Lanark.

The Cape St George Lighthouse will have a special “Blue Moon” Climb on Friday, August 31st. The Sunset/Full Moon Climb will take place from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Saturday, all the shops, galleries and museums in Apalachicola will be open, plus there will be a special exhibit of photos by John Spohrer from his latest book, "The Season of Apalachicola Bay". Artist tours are at 4:00 pm with a reception from 6-8 pm, 68 Water Street.

The seafood is always good and we have plenty of great restaurants to try.  New on the dining scene is the Owl Café’s Tap Room and Tamara's Café new Tapas Bar.  The Tap Room has extraordinary craft brews, plus wonderful eclectic menu.  Tamara's Tapas’ Bar is serving mojitos and other tropical beverages and great small plate dishes. For information call (850) 653-9419 or go to

Celebrate National Honey Day in Apalachicola, Florida, the Home of Tupelo Honey

Celebrate National Honey Day Saturday, August 18th, in Apalachicola, Florida, Home of the famed “champagne of honeys”, Tupelo Honey.

Richard Bickel Photography- George Watkins Harveting tupelo honeyCelebrate National Honey Day Saturday, August 18th, in Apalachicola, Florida, Home of the famed “champagne of honeys”, Tupelo Honey. Start out your day with a tupelo honey yogurt breakfast with house made granola at Cafe con Leche. Later cool off with a tupelo honey sundae at the Old Fashion Soda Fountain, or a tupelo honey & rosemary gelato with a side of tupelo honey caramels at the Apalachicola Chocolate Shop. Stop by for a Ulee's Gold margarita at the Seafood Grill, then choose from Tamara's Cafe grilled snapper with tupelo honey pickled ginger sauce, hot wings with tupelo honey buffalo sauce at Tamara's new Tapas room. For dessert the Owl Cafe makes the greatest baklava, paper-thin dough filled with local pecans, baked and then drenched in tupelo honey and rosewater. It is served with tupelo honey-rosemary ice cream.

August 5th is National Oyster Day

Celebrate National Oyster Day in Apalachicola.  Apalachicola Bay oysters have been heralded by chefs and food writers as some of the purest and best tasting oysters in the world.  These humble creatures of the flats have graced the tables of fine restaurants nationwide and the pages of gourmet magazines including Saveur, Food & Wine, Gourmet and the celebrated Zingerman’s. Whether served au natural on the half shell or elaborately prepared in a delicate gourmet entrée, Apalachicola Bay oysters are prized for their buttery, mellow, briny flavor, deeply cupped shell and a seaweed aroma.

Our oysters are harvested by hand and are one of the most sustainable crops.  Harvesters pluck clumps of oysters up with tongs then separate the clumps leaving behind the small oysters to grow to marketable size.

Apalachicola Bay provides an excellent environment for oysters and produces some of the nation’s highest quality seafood.  Fresh water from the Apalachicola River mixes with the pure saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico to create a perfect nursery.  Oysters grow rapidly in these waters reaching marketable size in less than two years.

Oysters are a nutritious as well as a culinary delicacy. They are a low-calorie, low-cholesterol source of protein; an exceptional source of zinc, a mineral associated with strengthening the immune system; a prime source of omega - 3 fatty-acids linked to lowering the risk of heart attack, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and of stroke. Oysters are also a good source of vitamins including vitamins A, B, C, and D. Seafood is one of the few natural dietary sources of vitamin D, a vitamin that’s showing new promise for disease prevention.

We have dozens of fine restaurants serving raw, steam or just about anyway you can imagine.  Florida Travel + Life recently release a great article on Apalachicola Bay Oysters

The Southern Foodways Alliance has collected extensive oral histories on the history and culture of the oyster harvesters and dealers in our area.  To read more go to

Our Secret is Out: Apalachicola and St George Island Represent the US in 2012 Issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Apalachicola is the featured US location in the new 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue released on Tuesday, February 14th.  The tiny coastal town of 3,000 people has kept a big secret since early October, when a a team of sixteen people from New York arrived to capture three lovely models and the essence of this quaint Gulf Coast town. Cover model Kate Upton, Julie Henderson and Ariel Meredith each spent three days working with New York photograper Stewart Shining and his crew who took thousands of photographs throughout Apalachicola and on beaches of St George Island. The other locations in this year's shoot were Sydney and Cairns, Australia, Royal Livingston, Zambia, Desroches Island, Seychelles, and Playa Tortuga, Panama. In addition to the magazine readers can go to the website and see many more photographs and four videos.


Valentine's Day Apalachicola

Valentine's Day is easy in Apalachicola. Take your love out for some of our world famous oysters at one of our great restaurants or order some fresh off the boat.  Not enough?  How about a get-away at one of our historic B & Bs or a waterfront hotel?

Second Annual Oyster Cook Off a Big Success

Apalachicola's second annual Oyster CookOff was a huge success.  Tons of oysters- raw, steamed, baked, smoked, fried and oyster stew -were served and consumed all day long. Jeff & Caroline Ilardi took the title with their dish Tupelo Oysters, oyster marinated in all local tupelo honey, kuwquats and hot peppers.  Congratulations.  Oyster are their best this time of year. Here is a video of how to shuck an oyster with our won Bert Davis.

Apalachicola Restaurants seving Christmas Dinner

Merry Christmas!  Christmas dinner will be served at the Gibson Inn and the Coombs House Inn. Click on the link to contact for reservations.  Eddy Teach's Raw Bar will host a pot luck on Christmas at 6:00 pm.

Celebrate New Years at one of our wonderful restaurants or nightclubs. The Gibson Inn will host a New Years Eve party from 7:30pm-12:30am. Semi formal dress, music, food and champagne.  Special room rates available.


Apalachicola Holiday Shopping

Still Looking for that perfect Christmas gift?  Don't forget gift certificates are always a great solution. Most all shops and restaurants in the Apalachicola Bay area offer gift certificates.  Nail salons, hardware stores, massage therapists, theatre, hotels, art galleries, and even fishing & tour guides offer an easy fix to your holiday needs.

Apalachicola Holiday Shopping

Still Looking for that perfect Christmas gift?  Don't forget gift certificates are always a great solution. Most all shops and restaurants in the Apalachicola Bay area offer gift certificates.  Nail salons, hardware stores, massage therapists, theatre, hotels, art galleries, and even fishing & tour guides offer an easy fix to your holiday needs.

Apalachicola Holiday Celebration the Day After Thanksgiving

Apalachicola will light up with cheer the day after Thanksgiving. Shops will be open late and the streets of downtown will be lined with luminaries and filled with holiday spirit. The sounds of carolers will echo through the streets filling the evening with the Christmas spirit. Santa arrives by shrimp boat at 4:00 p.m. at the City Dock on Water Street. He will hear children’s Christmas wishes while carolers sing.  In addition, the historic Orman House and Raney House will be open late and trimmed in holiday finery.  Docents in period costumes will lead visitors through the early history of the town.

Saturday, the celebration continues from 1:00pm-4:00pm. Santa arrives by fire truck and will see the kids and bring your favorite furry, four legged friends to visit him too.

Sunday, the Tree of Remembrance ceremony will be held at 3:00 pm. This respectful, non-denominational activity draws visitors riverside to honor loved ones during the holidays.

Join us for an old-fashioned Christmas celebration! For more information, contact the Apalachicola Bay Chamber office at (850) 653-9419.

Apalachicola Downtown Oyster Roast

Love oysters? Don't miss the 7th annual Downtown Oyster Roast on November 4th, 6:00 to 9:00 pm in  Apalachicola. The event, sponsored by the Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce, will feature roasted oysters, oyster on the half shell, creamy artichoke, oyster and thyme soup, fresh local shrimp, blue crabs, salad greens and fantastic desserts.  Dine under the stars next to the Apalachicola River.  Local blues man Joe Hutchinson will provide live entertainment. For tickets call (850) 653-9419 or email

Bill Montford Satellite Office Grand Opening

Join us for the Grand Opening of Bill Montford's District Satellite Office on Thursday, October 13 and 5:30 p.m.

Bill Montford

Celebrate the July Full Moon

The Apalachicola Maritime Museum will host a full moon cruise Wednesday, July 15th from 8-10 pm.  Watch the sun set into the Gulf and the moon rise in the east.  Call 653-2500 for details.

The St. George Island Lighthouse will host a sunset and full moon climb on July 15 from approximately 8-9:30 p.m. The sunset climb features hors d'oeuvres and a sparkling toast. Cost is $15 for the public and $10 for members. The full moon climb after sunset is $10 for visitors and $5 for members. Reservations recommended

4th of July Weekend

This holiday weekend St George Island is hosting its annual July 4th Parade beginning at 11:00 am.  Bring your water soakers and dress to get wet.  Both St. George Island and Carrabelle will have fireworks display starting at dusk. Saturday, July 2, in Apalachicola the Apalachicola Volunteer Fire Department will be selling rib and chicken dinners (plus pork butts if you preorder 653-6050) at 11:00 am at Riverfront Park.  You can also join in on Sunday, July 3rd, for the annual Red, White and Blue Parade starting at Lafayette Park at 5:30 pm followed by an ice cream social at Riverfront Park.

Scallop Season Starts Early, Paddle the River and Run for the Dogs

Paddle with the Apalachicola Riverkeeper

Saturday, June 25, THe Apalachicola Riverkeeper will lead a paddle in the wild creeks and waterways that make up the Apalachicola River Basin.  Join them for their regular 4th Saturday Paddle from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. leaving from Indian Creek Park, North Bayshore Avenue, in Eastpoint.  Tour a water world with unique habitats and spectacular biodiversity.  Paddle trips are guided and free for Apalachicola Riverkeeper membership, $30 per person for non-members. Kayaks are available with a reservation. Please bring snacks, water, sunscreen and bug spray.  For more information call (850) 653-8936 to make a reservation.

Scallop Season Opens June 25

Dig out your mask and snorkle and head for the coast. Scallop season starts early this year!  Scallops reside in the seagrass beds of the bay waters near Lanark Village and in St Joesph Bay.  Find them in the sandy clearings along the edges of the seagrass beds in water 2-5 feet deep. Look for their spectacular glowing blue eyes along the edges of their shell. You'll also need a fishing license, a dive flag, water shoes or fins and a mesh bag. Also, don't forget your sunscreen and a long sleeve shirt to wear while snorkling. 

St. George Island Sizzler 5K race

The 14th Annual St. George Island Sizzler 5K race and One Mile Fun Run takes place Saturday, June 25th, at 7:00pm, on St. George Island. Join the Tate's Hell Track Club for a benefit run the Franklin County Humane Society. Registration is $35 ($25 no shirt). Post race party @ Harry A's Featuring Apalachicola Bay seafood. Day of Race Registration starts at 4:00pm next to BJ's Pizza on West 1st St. There will be unique awards given out to overall male and female, Masters, Grand Masters, Senior Masters, and all standard age group winners. Awards will be three-deep for each age group for the 5K. The US Track and Field Course Certification is FL99035DL.


Apalachicola Bay Has Perfect Gifts For Dad

RedfishLooking for a great gift for Dad?  Look no further. How about a fishing trip- off shore or bay, for the men in your life.  Or some fresh seafood from the source -fresh Apalachicola oysters, shrimp, clams or crabs- any dad would love this gift.

Weekend Summer Fun

Get your pitching arm warmed up.  The annual St George Island Mullet Toss is this Saturday June 11th.  Sponsored by the Blue Parrot on the beach, the event will be at 68 W. Gorrie Drive.  Registration begins at 10:00, festivities at 11:00.  Adults $25, children $20.  Mullet Toss t-shirt included with all registrations and there will be prizes.  

49 Palmetto is hanging a new show that will open Saturday, June 11, 6-8 pm. Summer Escape features new paintings by Deedra Ludwig, Leila LaCrosse and Sunny Spillane. Plus, a surprise installation from our favorite Butch Anthony! 49 Palmetto is located at 49 Ave G at the corner of Ave G and 4th St. in Apalachicola.

The annual Fisherman's Choice Youth Fishing Tournament takes place Saturday, June 11.  Registration starts Friday at Fisherman's Choice, 330 US Highway 98 670-8808.  Always a favorite this free tournament for kids 16 and under gives away 320 prizes including rods, reels, and tackle.

St. James Bay Golf Resort presents "The Complete Works of Shakespeare" on June 17th and 18th with a Dinner Theater.  The cost is $50 per person and includes dinner. Full service cash bar during dinner and the show.  Dinner will be served at 6 pm and the show will start at 7 pm.  Call 697-9507 to make reservations. 

Every wonderful what Fort gadsden is all about?  Watch this great video by the National Forest Service on the Fort Gadsden

A Perfect Weekend for Mom

This year's theme, “Coastal Cottages”, spotlights some of Apalachicola’s unique homes and gardens. The featured home is Trinity's own church rectory located at 79 Sixth St. The two-story, Queen Anne- style structure was built in 1900 by George Marshall. According to historical documents, Marshall, well-known builder of many of Apalachicola’s grand homes, used local cypress and heart pine in the construction of the Rectory. The Eastlake-inspired details and angled fireplaces are typical of Marshall’s work. The lovely antique furnishings which grace the interior belong to the church’s current rector, The Rev. Martha C. Harris.

Homes will be open to visitors on Saturday, May 6th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Pre-sale tickets will be available at $15 until the day of the event.  On the day of the tour, ticket sales will begin at 9:30 am and tickets will sell for $20.  Lunch will be served from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm in Trinity’s Parish Hall at a cost of $12. A silent auction from10:00 am to 3:00 pm will also be a part of the tour day’s events.

Guests to Apalachicola can round out their weekend experience by allowing time to visit the many historical buildings and churches, museums, inns, and parks in Apalachicola.  In addition, visitors can enjoy sampling the fare at the great restaurants and interesting shops that mark our town as a truly unique place. For more information or ticket sales please contact Trinity Episcopal Church at (850) 653-9550 or the Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce at (850) 653-9419.

Saturday evening from 7:00-9:00 pm, the Apalachicola Area Historical Society will stage its very popular Ghost Walk at the historic Chestnut Street Cemetery.  Come meet the characters who populated Apalachicola in the 18th & 19th centuries and hear their stories first hand.  Member of the historical society dawn costumes and take on the personas of past residents.  The cemetery is located between 6th and 8th Streets on US 98.

Apalachicola Bay Events April 22-25

City Square Community Garden will host the annual Earth Day Celebration Friday, April 22 at 5:00 pm in the garden on 8th Streeet and Ave F. It's a great opportunity for friends and neighbors to renew the committment to good food, healthful living, sustainability, and neighborliness. In addition to food and music, there will be a ceremonial tree-planting representing Apalachicola's committment to becoming an official Tree City.  Gardens of Hope will donate open pollinated seeds for gardeners.

Egg Hunts

Sheriff Skip Shiver will hold an esater egg hunt on Saturday at noon next to the Sheriff's office on Highway 65.  Crooms will hold an Easter edd hunt at Lafayette Park on Friday at 10:00 am, and the Methodist Church will hold an Easter egg hunt on Sunday at 12:30 at Lafayette Park on Sunday. Eastpoint Church of God will hold an Easter egg hunt Saturday at 2:00 pm 379 Ave A in Eastpoint.

Sunrise Easter Services will take place on St George near the Public Beach in the center of the island and in Apalachicola on the Riverfront downtown.

The Gibson Inn, The Owl Cafe and Crooked River Grill will be serving Easter brunch and Tamara's Cafe will serve lunch and dinner.

Antique Boats, Autos, Music and Lighthouses

Prepare for another fun filled weekend on  Florida's Forgotten Coast.  April 15-16 the 1877 Governor Stone arrives Friday in Apalachicola to kick off the 13th annual Antique & Classic Boat Show.  Saturday antique, classic and home built boats will be on display from 10 am-4pm.  There'll be activities for the kids, boat tours, antique cars, educational booths, plus the 50 foot Apalachicola Trader's Canoe ca mid 1800s will be on display.

Visit the Cape St George Lighthouse and the Crooked River Lighthouse on Saturday, April 16th on Lighthouse Day. You can climb both lighthouses and learn about our maritime history.

Rock By The Sea at Harry A's on St George Island promises some great music.  Artist include Shaw Mullins, Alternative Route, Sara Mac Band, and many others.

Apalachicola Antique & Classic Boat Show

Apalachicola will host the 13th Annual Apalachicola Antique & Classic Boat Show Friday and Saturday, April 15-16, 2011.  Friday, there will be a special boat building demonstration and the 1877 Governor Stone gaff rigged schnoor will arrive.  Saturday, antique boats, examples of classic and traditional vessels, workboats, and fiberglass and aluminum classics will all be on display throughout the day.  This festival emphasizes the maritime history of our picturesque coastal town.  Special highlights include authentic oyster boats, workboats, and home-built boats by skilled craftsmen, antique outboard engines, plus antique automobiles and art booths.  The Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve will have displays on the Apalachicola River and its flora and fauna, plus demonstrations on oyster tonging. The 50 foot long Apalachicola Traders’ Canoe will be on display at the Cotton Warehouse on Water Street.

The restored 1877 gaff-rigged schooner the Governor Stone will also be on display at the city dock in the center of town and the Apalachicola Riverkeepers will be giving guided tours of the river. Also, at the Cotton Warehouse there be an exhibit of model boats built by some of the finest model boat builders in the country, plus a marine art exhibit.

At 6:00 pm there will be a dinner and lecture. Reservations required for dinner and evening lecture. For information please call (850) 653-9419 or email us at

Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Celebrates Reunion

This is as Norman Rockwell as it gets folks, closing off an Interstate Highway 98
to traffic for an hour whilst dignified veterans are proudly paraded in military jeeps to take in deserved applause from grateful citizens. Even a German POW who used to run the prison bakery comes annually. Tanks and amphibious vehicles, sea vessels.  Even a staged landing at Carrabelle Beach. Charming high school marching bands, excellent military bands - vintage vehicles. Costumed folks as the Procession of the Species  and Fishy Fashions...the fabulous biker color guard lines the sides of the route. SMALL TOWN FUN, NOT TO BE MISSED!! Also,  the Carrabelle Artist's Association 
 including Yours Truly (ME) at 510 HWY 98)
From watercolor to bronze castings from realism to surrealism,
there's some very talented folks living in this neck of the woods.

Apalachicola; Perfect Valentine's Day

Want a perfect Valentine's Day get away? Apalachicola for the day or weekend.  Fresh oysters, seafood, even handmade chocolates!

Apalachicola Weekend Events

Pas de Vie Ballet presents Dance at the DIXIE Febraruy 4th at 8:00 pm. In its 22nd year, they have progressed from small studio-based performances to packed houses, becoming a vibrant part of Tallahassee's artistic community.  We’re thrilled to have them for an evening of romantic Pas de Duex, a Valentines treat. 

Apalachicola Mardi Gras
Habitat for Humanity benefit starring
Slim Fatz and Big Daddy and the Tangled Roots February 5th.  For Information: Call the Habitat hotline at 850 653 3113 and leave a message. We will call you with ticket locations and availability. Tickets also available at the door- 6:30 PM on the night of Mardi Gras.

Winter Bay Day

Saturday, February 5th from 11:00-2:00 Friends of the St Joseph Bay Preserves.  Birding trips by Matt Anderson, talk by Anne Rudloe, plus a shrimp boil (850) 229-1787

Apalachicola Events January 14-16

Apalachicola has a get weekend planned. Get out your recipes and join us for the First Annual Apalachicola Oyster Cookoff! Saturday, January 15th. We will be eating oysters while supporting our local volunteer fire department. There will be music, activities for the kids, oh and dont forget OYSTERS! All proceeds will go to benefit the Volunteer Fire Department in Apalachicola.

Friday and Saturday evening the Dixie Theater presents Margo Anderson's A Tribute to Pasty Cline.  Margo's clear, powerful voice will captivate you as will her warm, sensitive interpretation of Patsy's down-home wit and timeless songs. This year Margo brings with her The Country Gold Band. They’ll be here for the whole weekend, Friday & Saturday at 8 PM and Sunday at 3 PM.

The Gibson Inn is hosting a Mini Cooper car rally weekend.   The  getaway package will feature a Welcome Party on Friday night, with appetizers, a box lunch on Sat., and a Mini Parade!  Join parade Grand Marshall Bonnie, as she leads the group  in a fun-filled weekend.  Who knows?  She may even teach you how to do the Princess wave, as she rides atop her own Mini Cooper!

Sunday, the Apalachicola Historical Society presents Choruses & Keyboards, Apalachicola Bay Choral Society and Dr Bedford Watkins at Trinity Church 4:00 pm. $3.00, students free. 6th Street and Avenue D.

Happenings for the Holidays

Christmas is in full swing on the Forgotten Coast. If you have had it with the crowds, pull the plug and come on down.  Our great little shops and galleries are full of creative, one-of-a-kind presents and friendly shop owners.  No traffic just wide open vistas of Apalachicola Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.  Christmas dinner will be served at the Gibson Inn (reservations needed (850) 653-2191 and Eddie Teaches 927-5050 on St George Island is hosting a pot luck.  Verandas, the Owl Cafe, Eddie Teaches Raw bar, the Spoonbill and the Gibson are hosting New Years Eve parties.

December Full Moon Lighthouse Climb

St George Island Lighthouse will host a full moon climb December 21. The sunset / moonrise climb will take place from 5:00-6:00 pm. The cost is $15.00 and will include light hors d'oeuvres and sparkling cider.  After 5:45 pm people are invited to climb to the top for a spectaluar view of the moon and the bay.

13 Miles Oysters featured on Martha Stewart Show

Apalachicola's good friend Chef Chris Hastings owner of Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham appeared on Tuesday's Martha Stewart show. The segment featured some of the South's best and freshest ingredients including our wonderful 13 Mile Brand Oysters. Check out the recipe and the view the segment

Holiday Celebrations November 26th-28th

Apalachicola Christmas Celebration lighst up Apalachicola from 4:00-8:00 p.m. the streets of downtown Apalachicola will be lined with luminaries and filled with holiday spirit. Merchants will be open late and the sounds of carolers will echo through the streets filling the evening with the Christmas spirit. Santa will arrive on a shrimp boat around 4:00 p.m. at the City Dock on Water Street. Santa will hear children’s Christmas wishes and carolers will sing.

Santa returns on Saturday from 1:00- 4:00 pm at the Riverfront Park.  At 2:00 there will be a Pup Parade.  Pets and their owners will get a chance to take pictures with Santa.

Sunday, at 3:00 pm the Tree of Remembrance ceremony takes place at Riverfront Park.  This non-denominational observance is to remember love ones who are no longer with us.


St George Lighthouse Open for Full Moon Climbs

The Cape St. George Light will be open for special climbs on the evening of the full moon in November and December.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the sunset and moonrise from the top of the lighthouse on the evenings of November 21 and December 21, 2010, from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Doug Brandt, a member of the SGLA Board of Directors, previewed the climb with a group of enthusiastic guests on the evening of the October full moon.  “The view of the setting sun and the rising moon from the top of the lighthouse was spectacular,” Doug said, “and we are looking forward to sharing this special experience with local residents and visitors in the months ahead.”

An SGLA docent will be on hand to tell the story of the lighthouse during the course of the evening, as visitors climb the 92 stairs to the watch room and the short ladder to the lantern room to see breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico, Apalachicola Bay, and St. George Sound.

Because space in the lantern room of the historic lighthouse is limited, advance reservations are recommended.  A charge of $15.00 per person also includes light snacks and a sparkling cider toast to the full moon.  Members of the St. George Lighthouse Association are invited to participate at the reduced rate of $10.00.  Payments will be accepted in advance to reserve your opportunity to enjoy this special event, which will be held rain or shine.

The Cape St. George Light was first built at West Pass in 1833.  It was rebuilt at Cape St. George in 1848 and 1852, and toppled into the Gulf on October 21, 2005.  The St. George Lighthouse Association headed the effort to rebuild the lighthouse at the center of St. George Island, and the lighthouse opened to the public in December of 2008.

For more information and to reserve your spot for the Full Moon Climb, please call the St. George Island Visitor Center at 850-927-7744.


Liberty Belle WWII Era B-17 Airplane Visits Apalachicola

The "Liberty Belle” WWII era B-17 plane visits Apalachicola on Sunday, November 14th.  The Liberty Belle provides passengers an opportunity to take  a step back-in-time and gain respect for the men and women who gave so much to protect our freedom during WWII. Participants receive a historical briefing about the  significance of the B-17.   Please come out to watch the Liberty Belle fly and take a ground tour. For More information contact Ted Mosteller at (850) 653-5115.

Apalachicola Bay Seafood Takes Center Stage Nov 5-6

Oyster Roast
The 6th annual Apalachicola Downtown Oyster Roast takes place on November 5th from 6:00-9:00 pm.  Come enjoy Apalachicola Bay's finest surrounded by the lush, rustic beauty of the Gardens on Commerce Street between Avenue F and G. We'll have roasted oysters, oyster on the half shell, creamy artichoke and oyster bisque, shrimp, locally caught blue crab, and scratch-made cakes and desserts.  Blues artists Joe Hutchinson will entertain us. For tickets call the Apalachicola Bay Chamber (850) 653-9419 or Hurry tickets are limited.

Apalachicola man wins National Oyster Shucking Championship
Mike Martin of Apalachicola, Florida exalts as he is announced as the overall winner at the National Oyster Shucking Championship on OCtober 24 at the St. Mary's County Oyster Festival at the county fairgrounds. Martin knifed open two dozen oysters in a net time of 2 minutes, 37.05 seconds. He will represent the United States next year at the World Oyster Opening Contest in Galway, Ireland.

Florida Seafood Festival
The 47th annual Florida Seafood Festival takes place November 5-6th, in Battery Park. The fun begins on Friday at 10:00 am when the park opens with some great food, arts & crafts, and entertainment. The Blessing of the Fleet takes place at 4:00 pm.  This year’s King Retsyo is Rex Pennycuff and the Queen is Ciara Moore.  Saturday, the Redfish run kicks things off at 8:00 am.  Don’t miss the area's biggest parade of the year at 10:00 am. Battery Park will be buzzing with activity from 10:00 am -11:00 pm. There will be blue crab races, the famous oyster shucking at 1:00 pm, the oyster eating contest at 2:00 pm and the seafood cooking contest at 3:00 pm.  This year's musical headline act for Saturday night is John Michael Montgomery. Admission is free on Friday and $5 on Saturday (includes concert). For detailed information, go to

Halloween Weekend

Lot going on this weekend in and around the Forgottern Coast and Apalachicola.  October 30th, experience Apalachicola's early history by taking taking a guided tour at the Historic Chestnut Street Cemetery on US 98 and 6th Street.  Relive the stories from the past as the ghosts of former residences accompany you on your tour. Contact Delores for any additional info (850) 653-9081

Then celebrate the 115th birthday of the Crooked River Lighthouse with entertainment, food, night time tower climbing and  an awesome array of 115 glowing lanterns! Local actors tell stories of the ancient seas, Andrew Edell shares keepers’ tales, Australian violinist, Mark Russell goes electric, and archaeologist Chuck Meide shows us underwater shipwrecks. Museum and Gift shop open as well as children’s area and hand made lantern vendors. $2 per person. $5 to climb tower. Call 850-697-2732 for more info

Big Daddy's Tangled Roots band will play a soulful concert of Blues and Jazz on the docks of the Apalachicola River. The Old Ice House on Water Street will serve as the perfect setting for the benefit. Tickets of $20 per person or $35 per couple will get you in the party. The tickets will include some of the best dishes from area restaurants and refreshments will be available. Don your costume and you make take home a great prize.

October 30th from 2 to 6 pm, Riverfront Park will be hopping with an Old Fashioned Halloween Carnival for the whole family to enjoy. There will be carnival games, children’s activities, entertainment, prizes and candy!

Apalachicola man wins National Oyster Shucking Championship

Mike Martin of Apalachicola, Florida exalts as he is announced as the overall winner at the National Oyster Shucking Championship on Sunday at the St. Mary's County Oyster Festival at the county fairgrounds. Martin knifed open two dozen oysters in a net time of 2 minutes, 37.05 seconds. He will represent the United States next year at the World Oyster Opening Contest in Galway, Ireland.

See story about the shucking competition and coverage of Saturday's national oyster cook-off contest here.

Events on the Forgotten Coast

Apalachicola will be hopping, or should I say ruunng and dancing, the weekend of October 22-24th. The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be at the Dixie Theatre on Friday, October 22 at 10:30-12:15 for those of you who want to get a head start on Halloween. Saturday, we'll have Running for the Bay Marathon, a full marathon, half marathon, 10 k and a 5 k.  Then there's Blues In The Lot.  The Forgotten Coast Roots Music Foundation will host seven bands from 12:00- 8:00 pm.  Slim Fatz, the Smackwater Retrivers, Ed Cotton are among the players. 

Sunday, October 24th from 2-6 to Gardens will host the bluegrass band, Eclectic Aucoustic in their intimate garden setting. Gardens is a charming plant nursery and gardeners gift shop in the Bowery district of historic Apalachicola. Gardens is located between Avenues F and G on Commerce Street. This event is free to the public with food and beverages available for a fee. The food we speak of will be warm, authentic, Spanish paella cooked on-site by Juan Ten who uses a 200 year old family recipe with only fresh ingredients featuring our local seafood! Kids welcome! Make plans to weekend with friends or family.  For more information call Gardens at 850-653-1777. We hope to see you this weekend.

Golf Tournament on Wednesday

Tee up with business members from around the Franklin, Gulf, Leon and Wakulla County areas at the 7th annual Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament on Wednesday, October 13, 2010. Tee-time is 1:00 pm on the beautiful St James Bay Golf Course east of Carrabelle. Well-known golf course designer Robert Walker created this perfectly manicured 18-hole championship course that creates a challenge for even the most skillful golfer, yet is still a course golfers of all abilities will love.

The tournament will be a flighted four man scramble, low score wins with prizes for the top three teams.  Scores will be totaled and prizes awarded at a reception following the tournament.  Cost per team is $400, $100 per player.  Fees include range balls, golf carts equipped with the latest color GPS system. Tournament proceeds will go toward the Chamber’s building fund.  For more information contact the Apalachicola Bay Chamber at  (850) 653-9419 or email us

Oyster Roast

Dine under the stars in the heart of historic Apalachicola at the 6th annual Apalachicola Oyster Roast on November 5th 6:00-9:00 pm.  Apalachicola oysters are recognized by top chefs as some of the best oysters in the world.  Come enjoy Apalachicola Bay's finest surrounded by the lush, rustic beauty of the Garden Shop on Commerce Street between Avenue F and G. We'll have roasted oysters, oyster on the half shell, creamy artichoke and oyster bisque, shrimp, locally caught blue crab, and scratch-made cakes and desserts.  Blues artists Joe Hutchinson will entertain us. For tickets call the Apalachicola Bay Chamber (850) 653-9419 or Hurry tickets are limited.

Forgotten Coast Community Yard Sale

From attic treasures to unique merchandise, this event promises to be the best sale you'll ever attend! For more information call: (850) 653-9419.  Map

Alvin Wentworth Chapman

Noted botanist Alvin Wentworth Chapman author The Flora of the Southeast United States was born on this day in 1809.  Dr Chapman lived and worked in Apalachicola, Florida, for much of his life.

A Little Bit of Cuba in a Corner of Apalachicola

Jorge B. wrote a great piece on Apalachicola for featureing Apalachicola, Richard Bickel, Magnolia Grill, and Hole in the Wall Raw Bar.



Outdoor Life Features Apalachicola Fishing

Chris Robinson of Robinson Brothers Guide Service is featured on the Outdoor Life website. Correspondent Rich Bach and Chris tore up the redfish.

Weekend Plans

Labor Day weekend. Ah, the weather is cooling off, the fish are biting and there's plenty to do this weekend.  Slim Fatz will be playing at  Jerry's (behind the Gibson) starting at 2:00 today.  The Wild & Scenic Film Festival continues at the Dixie.  Starting at 7:00 pm tonight the Apalachicola Riverkeepers show environmental and adventure films to illustrate the Earth’s beauty, the challenges facing our planet, and the work other communities are doing to protect it.  Also music at Riverfront Park starting at 7:00 pm.

Buccaneer Inn Special Fall Deal

Ever wish you could take a break from all the hustle and bustle of the world?  Well, take advantage of our special and relax, go fishing, lie in the sun, read a book or just enjoy our wonderful seafood. From September 6, 2010, through September 30, 2010, pay for 3 nights and get 1 night free. From October 1, 2010, through December 31, 2010, pay for 3 nights and get a Gift Certificate in the amount of $75.00 to be used for future stays at the Buccaneer Inn on beautiful St. George Island  call 800-847-2091.

Visit the Forgotten Coast and Earn Money!

September 1 if you stay two or more nights with any of Franklin County's licensed lodging providers, you can earn gift card rewards that could total up to $250. The September Seafood Days will run the month of September and visitors who have reservations already for September will be eligible for the savings as well as those who walk in during the month. Email us for the details

Apalachicola Riverkeeper OSPREY

OSPREY II Coastal Resource Inventory
What is OSPREY II?
The Oil SPill REcoverY (OSPREY) Coastal Resource Inventory is a project of
Apalachicola Riverkeeper. It is part of a larger program of coastal monitoring conducted
by citizen volunteers in Franklin County that Riverkeeper started in response to the BP
Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster.We know from past experiences, such as the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska and Hurricane Dennis here in Franklin County, that disasters can bring long-term and farreaching changes. As a coastal community, we are especially concerned about the potential impacts of the oil spill on our maritime industries and activities.The objective of OSPREY II is to document the places and infrastructure that support Franklin County’s maritime activities as a pre-oil baseline.
Who participates in OSPREY II? The success of OSPREY II depends on the expertise and commitment of local men and women who work and play on the water. These volunteers agree to serve as representatives of particular maritime activities. These activities include:
• Commercial fishing
• Oystering
• Crabbing
• Shrimping
• Clam aquaculture
• Guide fishing
• Recreational fishing
• Paddling
• Sailing
• Birding
• Ecotourism
Volunteers are experts in the activity they represent, have their own transportation, have
competence with a GPS unit, and are willing to share some of their knowledge.
What do OSPREY II volunteers do?
Volunteers go out as individuals armed with video cameras and GPS units provided by
Riverkeeper to make short videos of the sites that are important to them and their
communities. Through the videos, they tell about each site and why it is important.
What will Riverkeeper do with the videos?
The videos and GPS coordinates will be put together in a Google Earth layer that will
serve as an inventory of important maritime sites in Franklin County. This fills an
important gap, as the state’s inventory of such sites was last updated in 1995. Riverkeeper
will be able to share this inventory and pre-oil baseline with decisionmakers and the
public. The videos will also be archived by Riverkeeper as a pre-oil baseline in case of
future impacts. The videos also record and protect our area’s maritime history. To sign up go to or call (850) 653-8936

UnspOILed Book Signing

Join us for the debut of "UnspOILed: Writers Speak for Florida's Coast" in which writers, scientists, and students share their personal visions of our Gulf Coast and reject short-sighted offshore oil drilling. Connie May Fowler, Dawn Radford and others will read from their own works against a backdrop of David Moynahan's original for the book, the Apalachicola Riverkeeper's Andy Smith will report on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill response effort, and a meet-the-authors reception will feature music by Tallahassee's Velma Frye. Copies of Unspoiled will be available for purchase at the price of $9.99 plus tax.  Your voluntary $5.00 donation will help support the Riverkeeper's oil spill emergency response effort. For more information about UnspOILed, visit

Forgotten Coast Ready For a Great Holiday Weekend

Celebrate Memorial Day weekend Forgotten Coast style.  We are expecting a beautiful Memorial Day weekend full of music. Saturday, May 29th 6:00 pm Crooked Shoes will play at the Riverfront Park in Apalachicola.Friday and Staurday the Yellow Fever Music Festival takes place in Port St Joe and Apalachicola.  Charlie McCoy, Sarah Mac Band, Slim Fatz, Eddie MacFarland and more for more details.

Southwest Airlines Reaches the Forgotten Coast

Reaching the Forgotten Coast and Apalachicola just got easier.  Saturday, May 22, Southwest Airlines landed the first plane at the new Northwest Florida Beaches International airport. It was a wonder day of celebration.  The first flight touched down in the afternoon and enthusiastic members of the Southwest crew deplaned.  A second flight landed an hour later and Sunday the airport offically started service.  Southwest will operate nonstop flights daily from BWI Balitmore, Orlando, Nashville and Houston. Delta will also have service to the airport. For full details go to

Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport Opens Staurday

The $318-million Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport will open this Saturday, May 22.  It is the first commercial-service international airport built in the U.S. in the past 15 years. The new airport and its 10,000-foot runway are built on approximately 1,300 acres of a 4,000-acre site. The 125,000-square-foot passenger terminal features seven gates, two restaurants, two retail shops and six car rental ticketing counters. Southwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines will offer daily nonstop service to Atlanta, Memphis, Orlando, Cincinnati, Houston, Baltimore and Nashville.For details.

Apalachicola Summer Oyster Bars Open Early Meet Demand

Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Charles H. Bronson today announced that he has asked the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWCC) to open the summer oyster harvesting area in the Apalachicola Bay system now in response to the oil leak out in the Gulf of Mexico.

The summer oyster area is normally open for harvest 92 days each year beginning June 1, so the request by Bronson is to move up the timetable by 11 days. The winter harvesting area will officially close May 31.

This is the first time that the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has made such a request, Bronson noted. He said he was doing so to make sure that oystermen have sufficient time to work that area of the bay in the event that the oil leak impacts Apalachicola Bay. The Commissioner’s request to the FWCC comes in response to requests of his agency from the Franklin County Board of County Commissioners, the Franklin County Seafood Workers Association, and the Apalachicola Bay Oyster Dealers Association to open the summer harvesting area as soon as possible.

Department staff will continue to closely monitor Apalachicola Bay water quality and oyster harvesting, handling and processing to ensure oysters are safe to consume.

“This action should be viewed by the citizens of Florida and those throughout the country that Gulf of Mexico seafood in restaurants and markets is safe,” Bronson said. “With demand for safe Gulf oysters at a peak, opening the summer harvesting area a little early will benefit both our oyster industry and consumers alike.”

Apalachicola Bay and beaches are safe and clean

Apalachicola, the beaches of the Forgotten Coast and Apalachicola Bay seafood harvesting areas are located well away from any potential impacts from the Deep Horizon Oil spill as identified on NOAA’s daily trajectory maps.
We are very forunate to have the Florida Department of Environmental Protect and NOAA offices locally at the Apalachicola National Eustraine Research Reserve and they monitor the waters continually. All environmental agencies report the fisheries, wildlife and seafood in our area are safe and there are no alerts.

If you are planning a trip to the Forgotten Coast and are concerned about any potential impact from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill feel free to call (850) 653-9419 or email us at  We will be happy to give you an update.

Florida afood Safe to Eat

Florida Seafood
It's Safe … It’s Plentiful … It’s Available

News coverage of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been extensive, and rightly so. This is a major event, and everyone is deeply concerned about its impacts on the region’s environment, wildlife and coastal tourism. As a State of Florida official, obviously I am deeply concerned about these impacts as well.
I am also concerned about misconceptions that are circulating about the safety and availability of Florida seafood. Because of these false impressions, our state’s commercial fishing industry has suffered a severe economic blow. I hope that by setting the record straight we can provide consumers with a clearer picture of the current situation and ease their apprehension.
First, Florida seafood products are safe and plentiful. They have not been affected by the oil spill. More than 90 percent of the Gulf of Mexico is untouched by oil, and our commercial fishermen continue to harvest products from these clean waters.
Second, we are continually monitoring water samples off Florida’s coast. If and when Florida waters are impacted by the spill, we will take immediate action to close the waters to commercial seafood harvesting. We would never jeopardize consumer safety by harvesting and selling any product that was not safe and wholesome. Never.
Third, our commercial fishermen take great pride in the quality reputation that Florida seafood products have earned. Quite frankly, Florida seafood is something special -- and we would never put any product on the market that would tarnish that hard-earned reputation.
I hope that you will return delicious Florida seafood products to your table. Shrimp, oysters, blue crab, grouper -- and all the other many fine seafood products that we harvest -- are safe and plentiful. You have our word on that.
And, if you would like to come to Florida to enjoy that seafood meal, we would love to have you visit. Not only would our commercial fishermen thank you, but our hotel and restaurant workers would be most appreciative as well.
Charles H. Bronson
Commissioner of Agriculture

There are no current projections for any oil to impact Franklin County’s shores in coming days but U.S. Coast Guard officials say they plan to begin staging equipment in the area anyway as a precautionary measure to help protect the area's valuable resources.

The message to visitors and residents – be assured, not alarmed.

USCG officials met with county, city and local emergency officials Wednesday, May 12 to outline a plan to mobilize in the county within a few days. USCG officials say they intend to begin stockpiling equipment, docking vessels and parking trailers in both Apalachicola and Carrabelle by possibly this weekend.

Officials say the growing presence of the USCG in our area should not alarm visitors and does not mean oil is present. The activity, they say, is a proactive measure and part of a two-tiered effort by State and local emergency officials to protect Franklin County resources. The mobilization, they say, should serve to assure, not alarm.

 “We’re going to do everything we can to protect these resources and prevent oil from affecting this area,” says USCG Lieutenant Lt. Steve Caske.

Franklin County’s beaches remain clear and the seafood supply abundant. Local tourism officials say if you are planning a trip to our area and are concerned about any potential impact from the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, check with local destination accommodation in order to get the most up-to-date information on your specific accommodation.

Visitors and residents are also encouraged to check in on local conditions at the Franklin County Emergency Management website for daily updates.

For the latest information on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, visit  Here you will find regular news updates, projections of the path of the spill, photos and video and useful links.

The Apalachicola Riverkeeper group is coordinating all non-governmental volunteer activities for Franklin County Florida. For more information or to sign up,  visit


Apalachicola Bay Chamber Business After Hours

The Apalachicola Bay Chamber's May Business After Hours will be on Thursday, May 13 from 5:30-7:00 pm at The Garden Shop in Apalachicola. Come network with area business owners in this gloriously setting.  The Garden Shop is location at 149 Commerce Street in Apalachicola. See you there.

Apalachicola Plein Air Workshops

Plein air Workshops
May 6-7    Dee Beard Dean, Two Day Workshop, $200, Apalachicola Cotton Warehouse 8am-dusk
A Plein-Air workshop for adult intermediate and experienced painters.  Although oil painting is emphasized, painters of other art media are welcome. Primary subject matter will be landscape and architectural painting. Other subjects are according to interests of the class and at the discretion of the teacher. There will be indoor painting sessions with possible outdoor field trip(s), depending upon the weather. Typically each painting session will begin with a short discussion followed by a demonstration of painting techniques by the teacher, then individual attention to the students.

May 9-10    Donald Demers with Mary Erickson, One Day Workshops, $100,Apalachicola Cotton Warehouse 8am-dusk
Painters can chose to take one or both of these full day field workshops with Don Demers and Mary Erickson. These outdoor oil painting workshops include demonstrations, individual critiques, and one on one attention from both instructors. You will be guided in seeing and capturing the essence of a landscape with the use of value, scale, and color, while building your confidence in constructing a painting on location. With practical information on materials, and tips for optimizing the outdoor painting experience, it is designed to help you experiment and grow as a landscape painter. Instructor demonstrations and student painting will take place in marinas and downtown locations. Both intermediate and advanced painters will benefit from the experience and expertise of these accomplished professionals. The workshop will be fun and informational, as both painters share their excitement, joy and knowledge of on-location painting.
May 16-17    Tracey Frugoli, Two Day Workshop, $200,Apalachicola Cotton Warehouse 8am-dusk
From Plein Air to Studio: Four Paintings in Two days. Painting is a lot like sculpting – you whittle away what’s unnecessary to get to the heart of the matter.  In this workshop you will create three simplified plein air paintings with a helpful critique at day’s end.  On day two you will pick one of your previous day’s paintings as a springboard for a more finished painting.  The instructor will also demonstrate.  All skill levels are welcome, however some painting experience is recommended.  Supply list available.

Plein Air Invitational Paint Out

May 7th-17th, plein air artists from around the country will paint our magnificent land and seascapes from Alligator Point to Mexico Beach.  From sunup to sundown, these artists will set out to capture the vivid colors and tranquil scenery of our shorelines, marshes, picturesque historic homes and rustic boats and buildings.  The 2010 invited participants of the Forgotten Coast Paint-out are nationally recognized artists who have won numerous awards, been featured in publications throughout the country, and whose paintings are included in many exclusive collections throughout the world.  For a full schedule of events, go to

Governor Stone Returns to Apalachicola

The National Historic Landmark vessel the Governor Stone will travel from Panama City to Apalachicola to be on display at the 12th Annual Apalachicola Antique and Classic Boat Show.  The event runs April 23rd and 24th.  The vessel will arrive late on the 23rd and be displayed at the Riverfront Park docks on the 24th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
The Governor Stone is a 65 foot, 2 masted, gaff-rigged gulf coastal schooner.  The vessel, built in Pascagoula, MS in 1877 spent 13 of her 133 years in Apalachicola, and the present owners, the non-profit Friends of the Governor Stone, Inc. are pleased to be sharing her with so good a friend.  The Governor Stone was renovated at The Boat in Ft. Walton Beach, and has been on display n Panama City as a part of the Historic St. Andrews walking tour since December 11, 2009.  After her stay in Apalachicola, she will return for a brief stay in Panama City and, while the remainder of her schedule has not been written in stone, as it were, she will soon be travelling to other communities along the Northwest Gulf Coast.  The mission of the Friends is to make the vessel available to the general public as a celebration of Gulf Coast history.  Those interested in bringing this fine old wooden vessel to your communities contact  For more information about the Boat Show go to or call (850) 653-9419

Apalachicola ArtWalk

Fine art in all forms will be woven in and around picturesque downtown Apalachicola where artists will be showing, selling and demonstrating their talents from 12:00-5:00 pm. Festivities continue into the afternoon with a wine tasting and hors d’ oeuvre from 3:00-5:00 pm.  Later in the evening local chefs will prepare special dishes at their restaurants highlighting our fresh local ingredients.  For more information call (850) 653-9419

Plein Air Quick Draw

Artists are invited to participate in a timed two-hour “en plein air” painting event called the Forgotten Coast Plein Air Quickdraw at the St. George Island Lighthouse Park from 10:00 am-4:00 pm on Saturday, May 8, 2010.  It is open to anyone, over the age of 14, who has his own art supplies and easels. There will be no delineation between amateur or professional.  All artists may use any medium, but must paint in the plein air tradition.  

Interested artists may fill out applications at the Plein Air website,  The deadline is May 6, 2009 and the registration fee is $10 (which is applied to prize money).  Checks should be made out to Forgotten Coast Cultural Coalition or pay online at  

Artists will be painting from 10:00 am-12:00 noon, after which there will be a judging and their paintings will be available for sale. In addition, there will be live music, an art project for children to enjoy, and of course, the fun of St. George Island Lighthouse Park.  So come spend the day at St. George.

Apalachicola Tour of Homes

The 18th Annual Historic Apalachicola Home & Garden Tour will take place on April 30-May 1.  Many of Apalachicola's private homes and buildings can only be viewed from the exterior except for this unique day. For a $15.00 donation you can take a guided tour through architecturally and historically significant homes, churches, gardens and commercial buildings. A gourmet lunch will be offered in the Benedict Hall, from 11:00am - 2:00pm for $10.00. Tour Tickets sold on May 1st, will be $20.00. On Friday May 1st, there will be an Evensong at the church at 5:30 pm followed by a lecture by Faith Edsel, award-winning author of Voices of the Apalachicola. Trinity Episcopal Church is located on the corner of US Highway 98 and 6th Street in Apalachicola.  Proceeds benefit the preservation and restoration fund for historic Trinity Church. For additional information call Trinity Church at (850) 653-9550 or the Chamber at (850) 653-9419 or visit the website

City Square Community Garden Celebrates Earth Day

Apalachicola's City Square Community Garden will lead the city in celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Thursday, April 22 at 5:30 pm.  Join us at 8th Street and Avenue F for music , a tour of the gardens and fresh snacks grown right here in Apalachicola.

Apalachicola's Maritime History Preserved

This year's Antique & Classic Boat Show will highlight Fred Sawyer, Jr.  Born in Apalachicola on August 25, 1911, Mr. Sawyer was a marine engineer on the diesel ferry line crossing from Apalachicola to Easpoint before a bridge was built.  In 1948 he purchased a wharf lot on the at the confluence of the Apalachicola River and Apalachicola Bay and built Sawyer Boat Works.The two-story building, known for many years as Apalach Marine, still stands and was recently purchased by the City of Apalachicola through the Stan Mayfield Working Waterfronts program.  It will be turned into a museum and boat building workshop to preserve Apalachicola's maritime history.

Maritime Heritage Trail Lecture

Irina Franklin with the Florida Public Archaeology Network and the University of West Florida will speak Wednesday, April 7th 7:00-9:00 PM Eastern Time at the Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve in Apalachicola. For more information call (850) 653-8063

Apalachicola Antique & Classic Boat Show

Apalachicola will host the 12th Annual Apalachicola Antique & Classic Boat Show Friday and Saturday, April 23-24, 2010. On Friday, April 23rd, there will be a boat building demonstration throughout the day by local master boat builders demonstrating techniques and tools used in boat traditional building. The Cotton Warehouse will host a Marine Art and Maritime History exhibit in conjunction with the show. The exhibit will include paintings, drawings, photography, ceramic wall murals, and model boats. The 1877 two masted, gaff-rigged, schooner the Governor Stone will arrive in town Friday and dock at Riverfront Park for the festival. Saturday, April 24th, the festival begins at 10:00 am. Antique boats, examples of classic and traditional vessels, workboats, and fiberglass and aluminum classics will all be on display until 4:00 pm. Special highlights include authentic oyster boats, workboats, and home-built boats by skilled craftsmen, antique outboard engines, plus antique automobiles and art booths. The classic, gaff rigged schooner, Governor Stone, will be featured dockside. Built in 1877, it has been totally restored and is an exhibit unto itself and is a National Historic Landmark. The Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve will have displays about the Apalachicola River and its flora and fauna, plus the Franklin County Seafood Workers Association will demonstrate oyster tonging. The Apalachicola River Keepers will be on hand with their boat to provide informative trips on the river. The boat building demonstration will continue. Archaeologists Kevin Porter be on hand to speak about the Apalachicola Traders’ Canoe, a hand built 50-foot long vessel used between 1750-1850, recovered from the Apalachicola River. Master model boat builders will have a display of their craft at the Cotton Warehouse. At 6:00 pm on we will have a dinner and Archaeologist Kevin Porter will speak. Reservations are required for dinner and evening lecture. For information please call (850) 653-9419 or email us at

National Trust Website Highlights Apalachicola Oysters

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has a great blog that includes Apalachicola Bay oysters.

The 1890 War in Apalachicola

The Apalachicola Historical Society presents a lecture on the 1890 War in Apalachicola on February 25th at 5:30 pm in the carriage house at the historic Raney House, 128 Market Street in Apalachicola.  Mark Curenton will discuss the sawmill workers strike and its aftermath.

Forgotten Coast Chef Sampler in Apalachicola

Taste the best of the Forgotten Coast has to offer at the 14th annual ForgottenCoast Chef Sampler Sunday, February 21, from 6-9 pm at the Fort Coombs Amory on 4th street and Avenue D in Apalachicola. Sample everything from oysters to alligator at the biggest food event of the season in on the Forgotten Coast.  For tickets call (850) 653-9419.

Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day. What better reason do you need to eat fresh Apalachicola Bay oyster.

Sunny Saturday in Apalachicola

This blog is for my brother who currently resides in Washington, D.C. and hates snow.  Today's forecast:  Sunny and clear high of 58 degrees!

Microsoft Windows 7 Workshop in Apalachicola on the Forgotten Coast

Discover the new features of the operating system Windows 7.  Thursday, January 28th,  6:00 pm the Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce will host a workshop on the new Windows 7 operating system. Attendees will also have a chance to win great prizes that include a LifeCam VX 5000,  Microsoft Office Professional 2007 edition with Word, excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access and more and Hal3 ODST XBox 360 game. Attendees will also receive vouchers for $150 for technology service to assist in the installation of Windows 7.  The workshop is free and will be held at the Apalachicola City Hall in Battery Park.

Viva! A Gathering of Friends

Come have a great dinner and help finish raising money for the completion of the Eastpoint branch of the Franklin County Library.  VIVA!   A GATHERING OF FRIENDS will be held on Saturday, January 23rd  at 6:00 pm at the Oyster Bay Bar And Grill on St George Island.  Homemade Seafood Paella, Salad, Bread, Dessert, Wine or Beverage.  There will even be a live Flamenco Dancer!  Call Denise Butler for reservations at 653-5249 or 670-8327 ordbutler @cookinsuranceagency. com

WSJ Oyster Evangelists Rise Up

Wall Street Journal article urges oyster evangelists to rise up

Apalachicola Seafood Featured in new website

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services launch  Florida’s Tastiest Catch website as part of its public awareness campaign promoting Florida’s seafood industry and preserving Florida's maritime hertiage. Check it out

Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory in Panacea is hosting 58 green sea turtles and 2 kemp’s ridleys that were stranded, and washed up on the beaches of St. Joe Bay from the deep freeze that hit Florida this past week.  Close to 1500 sea turtles have been gathered by volunteers and staff of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and NOAA Fisheries and have been held at Sea World in Panama City, Gulfarium in Fort Walton Beach and Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory. The turtles will be held in Panacea for the next few days until the water and air temperatures warm, and will then be taken back to Cape San Blas and released.  If you want to see an incredible sight of sixty sea turtles swimming around, come to the aquarium in Panacea in the next day or two, before they’re released. Proceeds from the admission of $7.50 for adults and $5.00 for Children under twelve will go to the lab’s marine turtle rehabilitation program.

Apalachicola Chamber Luncheon

Join us tommorrow Wednesday, January 6th, for the Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce luncheon at noon at AJ's Neighborhood Bar & Grill. Good company and great food. Don't miss it. Marcus Sparley with the Small Business Development Center will be there.

Apalachicola Wins $800,000 Working Waterfront Grant

Apalachicola, at the heart of the Forgotten Coast, was awarded an $814,000 Working Waterfronts grant to restore the historic Apalachicola Boat Works.  The Apalachicola Boat Works project features a building constructed during the early 20th century that will be restored by the Apalachicola Maritime Museum and converted into a facility that provides instruction in the building and maintenance of vessels utilized in the commercial seafood industry. The opening of this shop will provide commercial fishermen and seafood harvesters with access to repair facilities that are currently unavailable in the community, and train student workers in the craft of historic boat building and restoration.

Florida Communities Trust awarded $814,703 in Florida Forever funds to the City of Apalachicola for this acquisition. The Stan Mayfield Working Waterfronts Florida Forever Grant Program makes $7.5 million in Florida Forever funds available to local communities through a competitive grant application process. These grants are used to purchase land that facilitates commercial fishing or aquaculture, or that promotes and educates the public about the economic, cultural and historical heritage of Florida’s traditional working waterfronts.

New Year's on the Forgotten Coast

Ring in the New Year on the Forgotten Coast.  Choose from an elaborate dinner, a causal meal of fresh Apalachicola Bay oysters or fireworks on the beach. Check out our area restaurants.  The Gibson Inn, Verandas, Great Southern School of Fish (at WindMark), the Magnolia Cafe and Tamara's Cafe have special menus for the night. Bars and nightclubs open include the Gibson Inn, AJ Neighborhood Bar & Grill, the Spoonbill Lounge, the Thirsty Goat, Eddy Teach's Raw Bar.

Local Clams Feature on Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs

Alligator Point clams will be one of the featured stories on tonight's episode of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel.  These little clams are the very best.  They are severed at many of restaurants on the Forgotten Coast

National Geographic Traveler Highlights Apalachicola

National Geographic Traveler magazine highlights Apalachicola as a Warm Winter Escape in their January/February 2010 issue. Charles Kulander's article names fourteen destinations that have inspired natural settings, are authenic to the core, full of local flavor and strong tradition.  From Mexico, Chile, tobago and California

Festival of Trees

The Raney House has Christmas trees decorated by area professionals on display during the holidays. Don't miss this Forgotten Coast special display. Open Tuesday-Friday 1-4 pm. Saturday 9-5.

Fresh Market This Saturday

Fresh Market takes place this Saturday, December 5th from 10-4 in downtown Apalachicola.  Fresh produce, handmade gifts and wreaths, holiday plants, and gourmet goodies.  Skip the malls and come on down.

Save Our Oysters

Fight to protect your right to enjoy raw shellfish
Check out the website
Sign the petition online Join the Facebook page to stay informed!
Help us battle the FDA's decision to ban raw Gulf oysters!
We have the best food safety controls on the planet - Our shellfish meet the highest standards of any country. Have you written your legislators yet?

Big Bend Scenic ByWay Achieves National Designation

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration announced that the Big Bend Scenic Byway has achieved National Scenic Byway status. The Big Bend Scenic Byway runs from Apalachicola in Franklin County, Florida, through Wakulla County, to southern Leon County.  The scenic route features over 200 miles of forests, wildlife, historic forts, battlegrounds, museums, beaches, fishing villages, historic towns and rural communities.



The National Scenic Byway program was established to help recognize, preserve and enhance selected roads throughout the United States. There are currently 125 such designated Byways in 44 states. The program awards National designation based on the road’s important scenic, natural, historical, cultural, archaeological or recreational qualities.


This prestigious award was made possible by the efforts and devotion of the  local citizens, community leaders, businesses, nonprofit organizations and numerous government agencies. Information including maps, driving directions, and recommended stops along The Big Bend Scenic Byway can be found at


Oyster Roast

Apalachicola will hold its annual Downtown Oyster Roast on Friday, November 6, from 6:00-9:00 pm, in the heart of historic Apalachicola. We will convene under the stars The Garden Shop on Commerce Street. Fresh local Apalachicola Bay oysters will be served roasted, raw on the half shell or embellished with a variety of sauces.  We’ll also have creamy artichoke and oyster soup, fresh local shrimp and blue crabs, salad and scratch cakes.   Music by Joe Hutchinson. For tickets call (850) 653-9419


Save Our Oysters

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has made a decision to target the Gulf Coast oyster industry and force regulations which would cripple our $500 million per year industry and impact thousands of jobs. The rules would require that oysters harvested from the Gulf during the months of April through October be "sterilized" (most likely by irradiation), a process which kills the oyster and changes the taste and texture of the bivalve. As the FDA thumbs their nose at Gulf Coast seafood producers, they're inspecting under 2% of all imported seafood (including oysters) and testing only a small percentage of that. This figure becomes more poignant considering that imported seafood accounts for around 75% of all U.S. seafood consumption. The agency's reasoning is that 15 people  die per year eating raw oysters, and this is an easy-to-fix problem. Though any lives lost are a tragedy, let's keep this number in perspective. Nearly all of those people are in high-risk categories. Hundreds more die each year choking on hot dogs (the shape is conducive), thousands more die from eating tainted vegetables and meat. The dangers of irradiated foods are just beginning to be studied and there are some health risks for workers at irradiation/processing facilities. There are many reasons why the FDA's decision flies in the face of reason. Please make your voice heard by signing this petition. For coverage of the ongoing situation, please visit

Oyster Make Super Green List

A list published Tuesday by the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California recommended seafood that it said was both healthy for consumers — and for the ocean.

The so-called Super Green list is a compilation of fish species that are environmentally sustainable, high in heart-healthy omega-3-fatty acids and low in contaminants like mercury.

The aquarium has published seafood watch lists for the last 10 years, taking into account factors such as overfishing and habitat damage.


Oyster Roast

Dine under the stars in the heart of historic Apalachicola.  Join us for the 5th annual Apalachicola Oyster Roast on November 6th 6:00-9:00 pm.  Apalachicola is recognized by top chefs as some of the best oysters in the world.  Come enjoy Apalachicola Bay's finest in beautiful downtown Apalachicola. We'll have roasted oysters, oyster on the half shell, artichoke and oyster soup, shrimp, crabs, and  desserts under the stars on Commerce Street. Music by Joe Hutchinson. For tickets call (850) 653-9419.

Apalachicola Bay Chamber Golf Tournament

6th Annual Chamber Golf Tournament 

The Apalachicola Bay Chamber Golf Tournament will be on October 14th at 1:00 pm.  The tournament will be a Florida scramble, low score wins with prizes for the top three teams.  Scores will be totaled and prizes awarded at a reception following the tournament.  Cost per team is $400, $100 per player.  Fees include range balls and golf carts equipped with the latest color GPS system. Tournament proceeds will go toward the Chamber’s building fund.  For more information contact the Apalachicola Bay Chamber at (850) 653-9419 or email

Forgotten Coast Yard Sale Saturday, October 3rd

Gather up your stuff or gas up your car and join us anywhere along US Highway 98 or downtown Apalachicola for the Forgotten Coast Community Yard Sale, Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 from 8:00-until.  Merchants, businesses and individuals from Mexico Beach to Panacea are planning to participate in the area’s biggest yard sale. Non profits and individuals are welcome to setup in downtown.  If you would to be listed on a downloadable map, contact the Apalachicola Bay Chamber office prior to September 29th at (850) 653-9419 or email us at

Estuary Day

The Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve will celebrate estuaries day on Friday. The educational event will teach children and adults about the Apalachicola Bay estuary, which is one of the most productive in the Northern Hemisphere. The event starts at 2 and ends at 6:30. There is something for everyone in the family including a cast net game, animal track scavenger hunt, boat tours and beekeeping demonstrations. There will also be touch tanks featuring local wildlife and guided nature walks. The first 500 visitors will get free Estuaries Day t-shirts and there will be a number of door prizes given away. Estuaries Day will be held at the research Reserve visitor center at Scipio Creek in Apalachicola.

National Geographic Adventure Magazine Ranks Apalachicola

National Geographic Adventure magazine names Apalachicola one of the “Best Places to Cash Out and Retire to”.   Haleiwa, Hawaii is the other place mentioned.


Oyster Roast

Dine under the stars in the heart of historic Apalachicola.  Join us for the 5th annual Apalachicola Oyster Roast on November 6th 6:00-9:00 pm.  Apalachicola is recognized by top chefs as some of the best oysters in the world.  Come enjoy Apalachicola Bay's finest in beautiful downtown Apalachicola. We'll have roasted oysters, oyster on the half shell, artichoke and oyster soup, shrimp, crabs, and homemade desserts under the stars on Commerce Street. Music by Joe Hutchinson. For tickets call (850) 653-9419.

Forgotten Coast Yard Sale Saturday, October 3rd

Join us anywhere along US Highway 98 or downtown Apalachicola for the Forgotten Coast Community Yard Sale, Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 from 8:00-until.  Merchants, businesses and individuals from Mexico Beach to Panacea are planning to participate in the area’s biggest yard sale. Non profits and individuals are welcome to setup in downtown.Check out the map at

Easter on Florida's Forgotten Coast

Easter is a great time to be on Florida's Forgotten Coast.  The azaleas are in full bloom, the weather is very pleasant......

Magazine Articles

Recent magazine articles on the area have been posted to this page.

Artist Workshop

Internationally acclaimed pastel and oil artist Jack Pardue will teach a five day Plein air workshop, November 2nd-6th,  Jack is the past president of the Maryland Pastel Society and gives workshops throughout the US and Italy.  Workshop participants will receive daily demonstrations by Jack and the class will visit a variety of locations-marshes, rustic buildings, boatyards, coastal landscapes and historic vistas.  Each day will end with a group critique of the students work, and evenings will offer opportunities to gather with other artists, dine and share the good times of the day. The cost for the entire week is only $399.


A special kick-off lecture by Jack will be held on Sunday, November 1st, at the Historic Cotton Warehouse on Water Street in downtown Apalachicola.  The public is welcome. Contact Lynn Wilson for further details at (305) 588 5885. Sponsored by the Apalachicola Pastel Artists Association and the Coombs House Inn.

National Trust for Historic Preservation selects Apalachicola as one of America's Dozen Distinctive Destinations.

Read more....