Getting Started with the New Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce Website

Log In

A password is needed to log in to the member information area of the site.  You can retrieve your password, by entering your email address in the form on the bottom of the login page and clicking the button labeled "Email my password to me".  Members can access the member information page by clicking on the "Members" link at the bottom of each page on the site, then clicking on the "My Information" link. If you have any problems logging in, please contact Angel or Cindy at (850) 653-9419 or email:

User and Business Information

There are two main sections to the member information form, Member Information and Business Information.  The member information fields contain information about you and your chamber membership (this information is for Chamber use only).  The Business Information fields contain information about your business (this information is displayed to the public).  Some of the information in these two sections may be the same.

In the "Business Description" field you may enter a brief description of your business.  Please try to limit your entry to the space provided in the field.  The Business Description, along with the business name, member name, keywords, and category names will be searched when a site visitor uses the Find a Member or Service form.

The keyword field is used to include additional search words that are not included in your Business Description, name, or category.  This is useful especially if users sometimes misspell your business name.  Keywords will not show up on the website, they are only used for searching.

The URL field is used to create a link to your website.  If you do not have a website, leave this blank.  If you do not have a website and you would like to have a one-page site on the Chamber's website, contact the Chamber.

Before leaving this page or clicking on any other links, be sure to click the "Update information" button in order to save your data.

Chamber Options

The bottom link on the Member Information form will take you to the Chamber Options.  Make sure you update any changes you made on the Member Information form before going to the Chamber Options page.

On the Chamber Options page, you can place your business in the category of your choosing.  Your business has to be in a category for it to show up in searches.  After selecting the category, make sure you click on the "Update" button below the category to save your choices.  If you would like to suggest a new category, please contact the Chamber.
Continuing down the page, in the box, Under Transaction Type you will see three entries: Category Display equates to the number of times the category you are listed in has been clicked on, Category Search is the number of times the category you are in was searched, Detail View is the number of times your business was viewed on the site, and Website Click is the number of times your website has been viewed. These numbers are all pertaining to activity within the last 30 days. This will allow you to see how the website is working for you. These numbers can only improve when you update your description and keywords on the Business Information page.